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Twitter user Rob Morrison posted a picture of the horrific ash emerging from the volcano and declared that it reached a height of 1500meters.

He wrote: “Mount Agung has erupted in Bali…height of the plume currently 1500m…being told at the moment ‘it’s not the big one’.”

Indonesia’s National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB), stated the eruption occurred at 11.50am local time 3.50am GMT.

Spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho disclosed that there was “no follow-up eruption” following the mighty scare.

He said: “There was no follow-up eruption. The exclusion zone is at a 4km radius.”

The ash cloud has not yet halted flights in and out of the Indonesian island but the situation is being monitored by authorities closely.

The alert status was recently lowered following the implementation of its highest level during volatile activity in September.

As a precaution to the frightening volcano, over 140,000 people fled their homes near the vicinity in a desperate attempt to get to safety during the height of the alert.

Following the lowering of the level, the country’s minister of energy and natural resources, Ignasius Jonan, declared that “Bali had been declared safe”.

He continued: “People’s activities, as well as tourism in Bali, has been declared safe and there will no more disruption related to the volcano at this time.”

Mount Agung erupted repeatedly last month that saw it spew volcanic ash 2,500meters into the sky.

Shocking video footage showed the size and scale of the danger imposed on local residents.

When Agung erupted in November airlines faced travel chaos as flights were cancelled due to the lingering ash cloud.

The 3,000metre high volcano sits roughly 70kilometres away from the tropical paradise’s main airport and popular tourist areas.

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