Banker helps himself to dead sisters’ accounts to fund lifestyle


He’s a piggy banker.

A greedy private-client bank employee siphoned $660,000 from the estates of two sisters to underwrite his living-large lifestyle, Queens prosecutors said Wednesday, adding the swipe nearly wiped out both estates.

Joshua Stephens-Anselm of Queens partied it up at hookah bars, traveled, bought booze and even paid off a pal’s Victoria’s Secret credit card — all on the money he raked out of the estates of Edith and Marjorie Thompson, authorities said.

The 27-year-old banker worked at JP Morgan Chase, where the Thompson sisters had accounts. Edith was 89 when she died in December 2013, and Marjorie passed away at 85 in November 2014.

From June 2016 to July 2017, Stephens-Anselm allegedly helped himself to the dead women’s money, first by writing himself checks and then through a cell phone app.

His expenses included estate money for his rent, cable TV and clothes, according to the charges against him.

He took approximately $590,000 from Marjorie’s account and another $70,000 from Edith’s account, authorities said.

JP Morgan Chase has fully reimbursed both accounts, according to prosecutors.

The Far Rockaway resident surrendered to authorities Wednesday and faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted on larceny charges. He was awaiting arraignment.

“This trusted bank employee took advantage of his access to enrich himself,” Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said. “If the allegations are proven true, the defendant will face a long term of incarceration as a result of his greed.”

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