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Stanislava Monstvilene, 70, from Lithuania claims that she has been living for more than a decade, consuming nothing but sand.

The substance which is believed to be indigestible has not only made her healthier but has even cured her brain tumour, she claims.

She said:“I had a late stage brain tumour. They said I wouldn’t last long. My haemoglobin level was 60.

“I was passing by and once an idea came to my mind – take the sand and eat it. For the first time I choked but then I got used to it.”

Ms Monstvilene is believed to have an addiction to the substance.

Although she has since overcome the uncontrollable craving for sand, she still swears by the mineral-rich ‘food’ claiming she experienced health problems without it.

According to therapist Liliana Vaishvilene, Ms Monstvilene health has actually improved.

The Lithuanian has not seen a doctor for several years.

Ms Vaishvilene told RT: “She has good blood. We examined her a while ago, but for the past few years she has not visited and has not applied for medical help.”

The elderly woman desperately wants to share her dietary advice with other people, offering tips on how to ingest the substance properly.

She said: “You should not mix it with food or water. You should not eat anything else, otherwise, you will feel sick. And the water should not be drunk. I used to eat wet sand so after it, I do not want to drink.”

She claims different sand has varying tastes.

Ms Vaishvilene added: “Sand can be sour. This one has no taste at all. But the other sand, brown, is sour she said’

DISCLAIMER: Please, avoid eating sand, as any real positive health impacts are yet to be independently and scientifically proven.

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