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Ignoring protests in which the European Union flag was burned in the capital of Sofia, Jean-Claude Juncker has today said the country is “heading in the right direction”. 

He spoke at a ceremony marking the start of Bulgaria’s six-month presidency of the EU and discussed the country’s intention to join the Eurozone. 

Mr Juncker said: “I did not say that Bulgaria will be automatically the next member of the euro zone but it is heading in the right direction.

“Unemployment is falling, the budgetary situation in strong, so when it comes to genuine convergence, Bulgaria has achieved progress.

“It is not quite enough yet and our Bulgarian friends are aware of this, but when it comes to real convergence there has been genuine progress.”

Yesterday 11 separate protests were held in Sofia as EU commissioners visited the city. 

Former president Rossen Plevneliev said: “These protests are not a symbol of future political action but they are telling us something important – the whole political elite has not done its job over the years.”

And George Pykov, a Bulgarian who is currently an executive committee member for Young Independence and studying Law at the University of Portsmouth told Express.co.uk: “The EU has no interest in Bulgaria or any Eastern European country.

“Issues that were meant to be solved have not, and I’m pleased to hear that Bulgarians are fighting back against an expansionist and fanatic Union.

“I and many other Bulgarians living in Britain hope that, one day, we will see a Bulgarian exit from the EU to join the UK in an exciting new, independent future.

“It is time for Bulgaria to be free from mob rule.”

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