Donald Trump’s start looks like ‘civil war’ warns former German MP | World | News

Donald Trump’s start looks like ‘civil war’ warns former German MP | World | News
Donald Trump’s start looks like ‘civil war’ warns former German MP | World | News

A FORMER German politician who worked alongside Angela Merkel has warned that the US appears to on the verge of collapse under Donald Trump. 

Willy Wimmer has spoke out blasting the American establishment who are blocking President-elect Mr Trump as he prepares to take office. 

The former German MP for Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) said that it seems as if the American’s will not let the new leader do what he wants to in the job. 

Speaking to RT the former defence spokesman argued that Mr Trump had members from the Democrat establishment ganging up on his as well as some members of the Republican party. 

Mr Wimmer explained how the establishment is not happy either with the billionaires plans to make amends with Russia president Vladimir Putin. 

He said: “When you see the situation in Washington, I think they are not willing, those who lost the election, to accept the new president whose name is Trump.

“What’s going on in Washington sounds like the beginning of a civil war.”

Mr Trump gave his first press conference on Wednesday afternoon since his election victory. 

The President-elect however caused controversy after he had a falling out with a CNN reporter over their coverage of sex reports about the billionaire. 

Speaking to RT the former German politician explained how there was a resistance against the president elect and his willingness to build a relationship with Mr Putin is a cause of that.

He said: “There is a network of resistance against the President who will be in office on the 20th of January and I think when you look at the reality in Europe, people of all our European countries – they want to live in good [relations] with [the] Russian Federation.

“There is no hostility [between Russia and Europe], the hostility is organised in a very artificial way and it is the same way of organising hostilities as we see nowadays against Trump.”

The President-elect has often spoke out about how he would like to build a relationship with Russia and the German politician supported him in doing this. 

He finished by saying that he thinks the whole of Europe will support Mr Trump in improving “relationships with others, including with the Russian Federation”.

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