Emmanuel Macron says China’s new ‘Silk Road’ cannot be one-way, as he gives Xi Jinping a horse on first visit


French President Emmanuel Macron sought to align Europe with China’s signature $1 trillion investment project on Monday, as Theresa May prepares to visit Beijing to forge closer economic ties for the UK.

Mr Macron made his comments as he began a three-day visit to China in the city of Xian, the gateway to China’s historic Silk Road, before heading to Beijing and a meeting with Xi Jinping.

The Chinese president’s signature foreign policy project – the Belt and Road Initiative – is seen as a modern day revival of the ancient Silk Road trading route.

Belt and Road aims to link Asia, Africa and much of Europe with infrastructure projects backed by colossal Chinese funds.

It has been seen as a major part of Mr Xi’s drive to position China at the heart of a new globalist world order, but has sparked concern and suspicion in some quarters over China’s strategic ambitions.



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