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??? In out’s weekend download a lot of product announcements but their most attention pixel buds with artificial intelligence built in and Becky Worley joins us from San Francisco with a look-see. Becky, good morning to you. So apple rolled out their wireless air pods earlier this year. I asked awe the guys on set to borrow some but either not purchased or lost them. They’ve fallen out of their ears so Google follows suit. How are the pixel buds different. Yeah, the first difference is pretty obvious. It’s the design, the pixel buds are actually neck bud, bluetooth earbuds held together with a cloth cord typical Google, pragmatic to the core. I’m afraid to buy the ear pods because I’m afraid I’ll lose them. Otherwise, price for them the same, 159 bucks. Same concept of a case that recharges the earbuds, both really heavily integrated with voice command, siri and the Google assistant to access information. You know, both companies betting big on that technology for the future. I think the cord is extremely stylish, by the way. You meioned the voice commands. One of the most fascinating aspects is the realtime language translation that the earbuds can do. Let’s take a look. Hey, Isabelle, how is it going? Absolutely great. Thank you. What do you think of these cool new headphones. I think they’re pretty cool. Oh, my gosh. The chemistry was amazing. The chemistry. Wow! Is it 40 languages? That’s amazing. Yeah. The concept is great, right? Translation done in your ear. It’s like you’re at the U.N. Where you want to be. Good question, maybe not Nikki Haley this week, but how practical it is, to have that kind of translation in realtime. We got to test that in the wild. But realtime language translation is definitely getting better. You can do that on your phone now. I have Google translate. I’ll attempt some of my very mediocre Japanese to turn it into English. Ready. Good morning, coffee and Orange juice, please. Not bad. Right? Your Japanese is pretty good too. That’s about all I have, guys. I think that is more impressive than the pixel buds. Forget the translation. Are you available for hire if we need — I am. I have party tricks you wouldn’t believe. I can also order a beer. That’s about all I can do. You are invited. Come back to New York. This is the important stuff, right, Paula. We have to be able to do this. That and the cord around the neck. Which is really cool. Becky, we love you. Thank you. Gracias.

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