Jane Seymour on her healthy lifestyle


Jane Seymour‘s flawless skin isn’t the result of facials.

“I don’t have facials. Very, very rarely,” the 67-year-old actress told Page Six on Tuesday during a Crepe Erase event in New York. “They [the facialists] start pressing, and they’ll put so many different creams and oils on because you’re spending so much money, then I’ll break out from it.”

Although Seymour doesn’t mind a facial every once and a while, she’s become an advocate for sun protection after excessive sun exposure.

“When I was younger, I completely fried my skin on many occasions, and as we know, that haunts you later in life,” she said. “I used to put on, not block, but oil. I can’t believe I did that.”

While the British-born star counts under-eye cream among her beauty must-haves, Seymour also stressed the importance of a balanced lifestyle.

“I’m a great believer in exercising and listening to your body so you don’t injure yourself,” Seymour shared. “I know that if I do too much of one thing or another, that I’ll injure myself and I won’t be able to exercise at all.”

Trained as a dancer, Seymour counts fast walks, spinning, and pilates among her tried and true exercises. As for her diet, “just have a healthy lifestyle,” Seymour explained.

Starting her morning with a hard-boiled egg, Seymour then sets her sights on a green juice. For lunch and dinner, the actress will dine on either fish or chicken, with greens included for each meal.

“And maybe a glass of wine at dinner because I happen to like wine, and it’s my way of going, ‘Ahh,’” she said.

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