Nigeria poised to build billingual schools along Cameroon borders


Published on
14.02.2018 à 12h34
Journal du Cameroun

Nigerian government has started constructing bilingual schools along Cameroon borders, sources said on Wednesday.

Speaking to the press about the project, Justina Ibe, Nigeria’s Director of Education Support Services in the education ministry, said the proposed schools along the borderline would bridge the communication difficulties for future generation and break language barriers between Nigeria and her neighbours especially Cameroon. She said the idea of the multilingual schools along border states was muted in a communique received from the National Boundaries Commission on the 3rd Nigeria – Cameroon Trans-Border Cooperation which tasked Federal Ministry of Education to facilitate the project.

Justina Ibe noted that the ministry had in the past worked with some countries on French Language Development, adding that even though the National Policy on Education provides for multilingual study which is the learning of a child’s language of the immediate community; teachers and learners have not taken the study with desired seriousness.

It should be recalled that the bilingual school project will be a tripartite cooperation among the federal and state governments of Nigeria,

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