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High level talks have been held between the two Koreas over the past few days as the pair aim to improve their tense relationship.

The US have been long term allies with Seoul but have now been told their input in matters regarding the two Asian countries is unwanted.

In a press release, North Korea’s Central News Agency said: “The foreign forces do not want the military tension on the Korean Peninsula to be defused and the emergence of a reunified power there.

“The matter of north-south relations should be settled by the Korean nation itself responsible for it.”

The hermit state and the US have been involved in a bitter war of words over recent months with Kim Jong-un threatening to attack America with a nuclear weapon for failing to respect North Korea.

While visiting South Korea in November President Donald Trump told the South that as an ally of the US he would take military action against Pyongyang if they threatened to attack Seoul.

Addressing South Korea’s National Assembly in November Trump insisted that the US would “not be intimidated” by Kim Jong-un’s rhetoric.

He warned the “three largest aircraft carriers in the world are appropriately positioned” to face Pyongyang and that he would not be afraid to use them if the US or its allies were targeted.

However, the US ally has previously expressed concerns about Trump’s apparent willingness to use military force in the region.

Choo Mi-ae, who is Chairwoman of South Korea’s ruling party, warned in November that the US President must consult with her government in Seoul before any military action was taken against their unruly neighbours.

She said: “Under no circumstances should the US go ahead and use a military option without the consent of South Korea.”

In the statement released by Kim Jong-un’s propaganda machine, the rogue regime suggested the two Koreas were in agreement about not wanting the US to intervene in their relationship.

They said: “Inter-Korean relations are, to all intents and purposes, an internal matter of our nation, which the north and the south should resolve on their own responsibility.”

The talks come as the two countries meet for the first time in two years.

Both are hoping the high-level discussions will lead to more co-operation between the nations.

Trump appeared to shrug off the criticism in a meeting with his Cabinet held yesterday afternoon as he told politicians about a phone call he had with the South Korean president.

He told his team: “I just spoke to President Moon. He’s very thankful for what we’ve done.

“They’re having talks with North Korea. We’ll see how that happens.

“He felt that the original — that the initial talk was extremely good.”

Trump went on to claim his approach to the Korea problem was responsible for the talks.

He said: “It was so reported today that we were the ones — without our attitude, that would have never happened.

“Who knows where it leads. Hopefully, it will lead to success for the world — not just for our country, but for the world.”

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