Orchids and Onions; Saturday, December 30, 2017 | Lifestyle


Another beautiful day in Havasu…

Orchids to Urgent Care’s PAC James Corbett. I am almost functioning on all cylinders. He pulled me from death’s doorstep. T-J

Orchids to Officer Darrin Clement (Badge 137) of the Lake Havasu City Police Department upon his retirement after 20 years of service to our wonderful city. We thank you for all you did to help keep our town safe and a great place to live.

Orchids to all the FedEx customers who were patient and kind to us during this Christmas season. Whether visiting our front counter or receiving deliveries, your business is appreciated.

Orchids to all the postal clerks and carriers who went in on Christmas Eve to deliver packages.

Orchids to John and Adriana at Lowe’s. John was very knowledgeable on how to do a backsplash in our kitchen. He gave step-by-step instructions and all supplies needed. Thank you for all the help as this is our first time doing a backsplash.

Orchids to Mark in the meat department at Smith’s. We came on Christmas Eve and he helped us with buying a prime rib. He was very busy and took the time to help us with selecting our meat. Excellent customer service.

Onions to the person who criticized schools for not maintaining buildings, allowing rat droppings. The governor and legislators short schools on every turn, unless they are charter schools. That is where to heap your criticism.

Orchids to Havasu hospital and the skilled nursing unit for prompt and courteous care for 19 days for my knee replacement and short-term recovery care. Nurses, aides, and therapists were loving, kind, considerate and efficient. Very much appreciated under the circumstances.

Onions to stores with digital coupons. Patrons must buy a $200 phone or computer so they can save 50 cents. Advertise an item at a single price and then sell it for that price.

Orchids to Pastor Chad, the band and staff at Calvary for the beautiful and inspiring Christmas service. Thank you for dedicating your lives to bringing lost souls to Jesus Christ! Your love and joy has saved my life.

Orchids to seeing and hearing “Merry Christmas” again…as it should be…NOT happy holidays. Now, maybe the Aquatic Center will change the greeting on the building to Merry Christmas also!

Orchids to the Secret Santa that paid for my dinner on Christmas Eve at Barley Brothers. So very nice of you and what a surprise! Barbara Hunter

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