Orchids and Onions; Sunday, December 31, 2017 | Lifestyle


Another beautiful day in Havasu…

Orchids to Audrey and crew at the Quality Inn. Once again they provided the Fruitcakes with a wonderful room, fine service and an outstanding dinner. We really appreciate all you do for us. Gratefully, The Fruitcakes

Onions to the old geezer shooting major fireworks off Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Eve near Mohican and Blackfoot, disturbing all the dogs and neighborhood. Cease and grow up!

Orchids to the “idiot” label. Long hair stays attractive long after “other attributes” have succumbed to time and gravity, same as our distended bellies. Guys, are you with me? Jack Duncan

Orchids to all of those with Christmas lights for providing delights for our California holiday visitors.

Orchids to Lori at Golden Corral for attending to us four on Christmas morning – and the rest of the staff, too, Rosie, Gerry, Jessica, Breann as well as the kitchen crew.

Orchids to Rosa at the Swap Meet for the special order metal agaves to fit our décor. Perfect! Nice job!

Onions to people you love that lead you to believe they’re going to quit smoking, and don’t.

Orchids to Chad Garrison at Calvary Baptist for the great sermon Christmas Eve. If everyone practiced what you preached, there’d be much less stress and far more contentment. As the Rolling Stones sang, “You can’t always get what you want, but you get what you need.”

Orchids to Bradley Ford for helping get my new Flex. Eric Peterson went beyond his duties. Dennis in service helped as well. Cindy C.

Orchids to Dr. Lange and staff for coming in to help our 200-pound Great Dane Wyatt on Christmas Day. Cannot thank you enough!

Onions to the health provider for double-triple booking. Unable to answer my medication questions, saying if he spent five or six hours explaining, I still wouldn’t understand. Tried to intimidate me physically. Finally told me to go elsewhere. RVer Who Still Needs A Check-Up

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