Russia military drills: Troops simulate world war 3 in EXPLOSIVE war games | World | News


Huge explosions are seen in some of the photos, blasting sand from the beach as fireball erupted.

Troops were seen testing out UR-77 Meteroit mine clearing systems, or working with an array of pistols and guns.

And flares filled the air with smoke as soldiers advanced on their targets under the cover of the thick black plumes.

The drills involved more than1,000 soldiers, including the engineer and sapper units of the Russian Navy’s Baltic Fleet.

And the military exercise comes amid concern Russia could be preparing to launch an attack.

Fears of preparations for an invasion have repeatedly been dismissed by the Kremlin but observers are concerned Russia is still lying about the true number of troops taking part in the country’s multiple drills. 

Just days ago, Riho Terras, the commander of the Estonian Defence Forces, revealed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s forces “simulated a large-scale military attack” against NATO last September.

He claimed the war games were so the superpower could prepare to move a large number of troops at extremely short notice if it were to go to war with the US-led organisation.

Other leading figures have voiced similar concerns that Mr Putin could be preparing for war with Europe and the USA.

General Curtis Scaparrotti, Supreme Allied Commander of NATO, said: “It’s following in line with what we’ve seen with these annual exercises in the past.

“They’re usually very large. They’re usually initially defensive in nature but also have an offensive portion thereafter that looks to me like a rehearsal of an attack.

“That’s worrisome if you’re a NATO country on the border.”

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