Syria attack latest: Emmanuel Macron takes credit for ‘convincing Trump to stay in Syria’ | World | News


The French leader claimed that he was responsible for convincing Donald Trump to “stay” in Syria.

He stated: “Ten days ago, President Trump was saying the United States of America had a duty to disengage from Syria.

“We convinced him it was necessary to stay.

“I assure you, we have convinced him that it is necessary to stay for the long-term.”

However, Mr Macron was keen to emphasise that “we have not declared war on the regime of Bashar al-Assad” following the strike.

The leader detailed the success of the mission that saw France, the UK and US rain terror down on Syria.

He continued: “Their chemical weapons production capacities have been destroyed.”

Mr Macron described the alleged chemical weapons attack on April 7 in the Syrian city of Douma as being responsible for the “deaths of dozens of men, women and children”.

He added: “The facts and the responsibility of the Syrian regime are not in doubt.”

It is understood the French leader spoke with Vladimir Putin just hours before the strike.

Russia promised that “consequences” would follow following the attack.

Mr Macron said “we cannot tolerate the normalisation of the use of chemical weapons”, in a statement.

At least 100 missiles were fired from US ships and UK Tornado fighter-bombers.

While Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn questioned the strike, Theresa May said the move was taken in “national interest” and were “right and legal”.

She explained: “I have taken this decision because I believe it is the right thing to do. I believe it is absolutely in our national interest.

“But I believe it is also important for the international community to be very clear about this issue.

“We have seen a regime appearing to think they can use chemical weapons with impunity.”

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