Tiny tummy patch could cut fat by one third in four weeks…without exercise


For those who have overindulged during the Christmas period help may be at hand from scientists in Singapore.

A tiny tummy patch has been shown to cut body fat by 30 per cent in just 28 days without the need to exercise.

The patch is covered in hundreds of microneedles which are smaller than a human hair and gradually supply a dose of two weight-loss drugs.

The drug combination works to transform stubborn white fat into more manageable brown fat, which is burned away as energy by the body to keep warm.

Although the patch has so far only been tested in animals, scientists at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) want to move to human trials quickly, and have already received interest from several biotech companies who are keen to develop the device.

It is estimated that two thirds of Britons – 36 million – will be overweight of obese by 2025 and weight gain is a risk factor for many health…

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