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We move on to apple and that battery bombshell. So many customers outraged after they learned the company was slowing down older phones. Apple first offered an apology. Now they are offering replacement batteries at a discount and Rebecca Jarvis is here. Tell us how they’ll fix it. You have two options if you have a phone and want the battery replaced you can bring it into an apple store. I would recommend making an appointment ahead of time or send it in to apple for them to replace the battery. You need to keep in mind there though it will take about five days so you’ll be without your phone for a week and it will cost you $29 if the phone is not under warranty, in addition to that apology last week, apple has also knocked $50 off the price of the new replacement battery. Anything you can do for five days while you’re waiting? Well, ideally you could just do this, speak to people in person, you know, send messages, telepathically but those are the things that are really to keep in mind for anybody waiting. Also there are things people can do if they want to preserve their battery life. One of the things, you can adjust the brightness on your phone so if you adjust the brightness down that preserves battery life using wi-fi will help preserve the battery life. Also certain charging cases so if you notice that when you’re charging your phone, the phone gets hot, take the charging case off, charge the phone and the case separately, that can help and finally if you avoid extreme temperatures, of course, right now it’s really hard to do, in the country across the country right now, but actually the extreme hot temperatures. That saves battery life. The extreme hot temperatures degrade it. The cold can shut the phone down but that’s temporary. It goes back to Normal after you get it in a Normal room with some heat. Great advice there. Thank you. Now to twins born in

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