5 Bizarre ways To Lose Weight Without Hitting The Gym


We all are tired of hitting gyms, doing exercises, practicing power yoga, following a low-carb and low-fat diet, trying home remedies, or taking medical help and so on… but no good results. You must have even tried eating smaller portions and tried all the ‘trending’ diet tips, but again losing no pound. So, this time why not try something different and unusual. This article will reveal 5 bizarre ways to lose weight fast in a week without exercise. And the best part is that all of these tips are actually backed by research. But before we start, keep in mind that following these unusual ways to lose weight alone will not get you the results, but adding them to your current regime may give you that extra help you’re looking for.Add Chocolate To Your Breakfast
Don’t get us wrong when we say this. But, giving into your cravings might actually control them. Yes, you hard us! But, that does not mean that you can eat an entire chocolate upon waking, but you can, of course, eat a few chocolate pieces, or sip on a chocolate protein smoothie. Better still, make your own homemade chocolate almond protein bar. Having a little taste of something sweet (what you always like) in a healthy way will keep you satisfied.

Avoid Eating Alone
It is a fact that when we eat alone, we mostly end up eating up more than we normally would, almost two to three times. Eating with friends or family, or with strangers will make you less binge on those exotic dishes. In other words, you become little conscious, therefore, less likely to overeat or avoid eating foods you normally wouldn’t.

Go For Big Chunks
While making your salad or soup, make sure you cut your veggies into big chunks. First, it takes less time to prepare, and second, it may help you drop a few kilograms. Eating big pieces of veggies makes you chew more, meaning more effort to eat. Therefore, this will eventually slow down your eating speed and will also make you feel more satisfied. You can also take the reverse approach – cut down your food into tiny bites, this will trick your brain into thinking that you have a plate full of meal and you’re consuming food more than you actually are.Smell Vanilla
This may sound a little silly, but this actually works. Smelling vanilla may actually help satiate our cravings for desserts. The sweet scent of vanilla provides a calming effect to our brain, which helps curb our appetite. The sweet smell of vanilla helps pacify our need to eat something sweet. There is also a reverse theory that if we smell something revolting, our appetite usually goes down.

Turn The Lights Up When You Eat
Have you noticed that when you dine out in a restaurant, the lights are usually dim? This is because they set your mood and you order more food. Dimming the lights usually increases our eating time, as we feel more relaxed and calm. This increases our satisfaction and decreases how much food we eat. 

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