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Published: April 7, 2018 9:24:10 am

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At present half of the world is lacking healthcare, as per WHO, and one of the multiple reasons for this is probably the lack of knowledge around the importance of being healthy. In a country like India, which has less than one doctor for every 1000 people, less than the WHO standard, the individuals should take charge of getting better informed to lead a healthier life.

On the 70th World Health Day, the first promise you should make is to bridge the knowledge gap and to be better informed about health related issues.

Here are some courses recommended for you:

Health and Lifestyle courses:

Designing Your Personal Weight Loss Plan

Designed for the learners by Case Western Reserve University, this is a five-week course which will guide learners the essential steps in planning to lose weight.

This course will help learners establish the following:

1. Specific plan for how to lose weight

2. Specific diet chart, on eating habits, dealing with hunger, and emotional eating

3. Plans for regular exercise, food intake, weight loss

4. Frequency, duration and intensity of exercise that will help learner to achieve and maintain the aimed weight

5. Plan for monitoring food intake, exercise and weight loss

6. A thorough understanding of the difficulty of maintaining weight loss and a plan for maximizing the chances of keeping off the weight lost.

Who can apply?

The candidates of the age above 18 who are interested to adopt new behaviours of cooking, groccery shopping, eating and exercise can apply.

Sit Less, Get Active

At the time of nine to ten hours of corporate job, people are being a soft target for spondylitis. The course is designed to help the people from falling in danger of this “silent killers”.

Designed by the University of Edinburgh, the course offers you a unique opportunity to receive weekly physical activity and health messages tips. The three-week course will not charge you a single penny.

Child Nutrition and Cooking

Designed by the Stanford University, the course will help you to know how to reduce obesity. Through the course, the participants will get aware of contemporary child nutrition and the impact of it. Participants will get tips for the preparation of a healthy diet for children and adults and the making of easy home-cooked meals which can able to reduce obesity. The course will able the participants to talk with specific instructors.
World Health Day, 70th World Health Day, Health Related Courses, Health Issue Courses, Health Courses, Health Related Issues, Education News, Latest Education News, Indian Express, Indian Express News A man sits on a wall in the Canary Wharf financial district of London, April 1, 2009. Reuters
Health across the Gender Spectrum

Designed by the Stanford University, the course talks about transgender children and their families. The participants can take guidance from Stanford physicians, K-12 educators and transgender faculty members.

Understanding Obesity

Designed by the Univrsity of Edinburgh, the course talks about the misconceptions around Obesity and discuss physiological and psychological concepts of brain’s control of apetite and body weight.

The course will entertain anyone who is interested in the complexities of appetite and obesity.

Health specific courses

Stanford Introduction to Food and Health

Designd by the Stanford University for Obesity, Diabetes and diet-related diseases, the course constitues basics on Food and Nutrients, Contemporary Trends in Eating, Cooking Workshop among others.

The particiapnts can get a rough idea of the workshop through a youtube video, the link of which is provided in the official website.

Science of Exercise

The persons having basic knowledge in exercise physiology, personal fitness and health can benefit from this course. The course will help you to learn to tackle with physical stress of exercise, including changes in carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism. The participants will get to learn the prevention and treatment of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity (weight loss), depression and dementia.

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Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health

The course is designed in a way to provide a detailed knowledge about to tackle depression, mental illndess and distress. Designed by the University of Sydney, the course will help participants to learn different aspects of good mental health and treatments of mental diorders and their causes.
World Health Day, 70th World Health Day, Health Related Courses, Health Issue Courses, Health Courses, Health Related Issues, Education News, Latest Education News, Indian Express, Indian Express News A woman holds her head in a file photo. Reuters
The five-week course will consist of a basic knowledge of Positive mental health and psychiatry, body and mind, Love and Work, Mental Illness, Paths to Recovery.

Vital Signs: Understanding What the Body Is Telling Us

The course deals with some important aspects of the body, heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, respiration rate and pain.

Designed by the University of Pennsylvania, the five-week course will provide a detailed information of Pulse or Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Metabolism, Temperature, Respiration Rate.

Health Literacy and Communication for Health Professionals

The course is mainly shaped for the professionals to improve their health literacy and update them with more health related information.

The five-week course formulated by the University of Nebraska, will provide a detail knowledge of to tackle every health care problems. The module consists of five separate chapters stressing on Health literacy.

Systems thinking in Public Health

The course provides basics of system models in public health, and how it functions. Systems thinking is categorised to be a core skill in public health that helps health policymakers to build programs and policies.

Designed by the Johns Hopkins University, the four week module shaped in a way to provide detail information about Systems Thinking and Complex Adaptive Systems.

Essentials of Global Health

At a time when there is a peak in medical expense, the course will guide you about health remedies at a lower cost. Apart from it, the course will talk about various factors of medical sickness.

Designed by Yale University, the 10-week course talks about various various health related problems and its remedies.

eHealth: More than just an electronic record

The course is structured to equip the global audience of health clinicians, students, managers, administartors, and researchers on the impact of ehealth on the integartion of care. It also briefed the particiapants about the international eHealth practice and research.

Designed by the University of Sydney, the five-week courses consisting of five modules entailing about health practice assignment and eHealth courses.

Chemicals and Health

The course talks about chemicals in our environment and bodies and their impact on health. Designed by the Johns Hopkins University, the course talks about the chemicals in our bodies, toxicity and its impact on our health. The five-week module entails about effects of chemicals in our bodies and the ways to tackle.

Other top health related courses

Global Master of Public Health by Imperial College London – Designed by the Imperial College London’s renowned public health research team, the course gives you a comprehensive idea of the role of innovation in health improvement and other critical topics of our health. A major aspect of the programme will be a significant practice-based project that learners can show in their portfolios which can submit for publication. The course will help learners to deal with international organisations which deals with strategies to improve global public health. The degree helps the researcher to formulate health policies around the world.

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Master of Public Health by University of Michigan– The course by the University of Michigan School of Public Health deals with complex health challenges, including chronic and infectious diseases, obesity and food insecurity, health care quality and costs, climate change and environmental determinants of health, and socioeconomic inequalities and their impact on health. The degree provides by the university helps a learner to get a wide specialisations on focused expertise including population health, program planning and evaluation, health analytics, genomics and precision health. This program is accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health.

All this courses are online provided by the foreign universities, however in India, there are no such online courses.

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