Adidas x Dragon Ball Z Sneaker Collab Could Be Coming In 2018


News on the street is Dragon Ball Z fans and style afficianados have some good news on the horizon. Announced yesterday, it appears an adidas Originals x Dragon Ball Z sneaker collection is in the works. 

After releasing exclusive capsule collections with Dickies and BAPE, the masterminds behind Dragon Ball Z appear to be planning an adidas collaboration to make a fall 2018 debut. The news comes from social media account, and tried-and-true release forecaster Yeezy Mafia, making its impending arrival nearly certain. 

Yeezy Mafia notes the forthcoming sneaker collection will feature seven special edition models, each representing Dragon Balls. Speculation around the release also foresees the sneaker collab coming with seven special edition Dragon Balls included.

If this collab goes through, it’ll be the first time that the two entities collaborate on an official product, making it an extra special release. An official confirmation, projected release date, pricing, or even potential models have yet to be announced, so keep checking back on the interwebs for more info to come. 

(Image: Dragon Ball Z / Cartoon Network)

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