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German Chancellor Angela Merkel suffered from another bout of tremors as she stood outside with Finnish Prime Minister Antti Rinne in Berlin on Wednesday. The German Chancellor appeared unstable on her feet once again and trembling as she met with the Finnish Prime Minister, in her this spell of shaking in just over three weeks.

Mrs Merkel was watching military honours to mark Mr Rinne’s arrival when she was seen shaking.

Mrs Merkel was also last spotted trembling as she met with German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier on June 27.

Following the incident, a spokesman for the German Chancellor confirmed at the time she was fine and will be participating in the swearing-in of the new Justice Minister later on the day before jetting off to the G20 summit.

Her spokesman said: “Everything is taking place as planned.

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“The Chancellor is well.”

The German Chancellor may be overworked, according to one German political commentator.

German commentator Stefan Cornelius Urged the Chancellor to “explain” why she keeps shaking as he warned “concern is growing” over her health in Germany.

Mr Cornelius told the BBC: “It needs to be discovered and explained, and she needs to do this explaining when she comes back from Osaka.

“She is really hard on herself but on the other side, she looks not that healthy. She put on weight, she’s overworked and she’s in her 14th year of power so quite honestly, that’s power weighing on her.”

Chancellor Merkel and her aides also blamed dehydration for her first episode of shaking and dismissed any health concerns.

She is considered to be the most powerful woman in the world and is Europe’s most influential politician, who is expected to play a pivotal role in Brexit negotiations with Britain’s next prime minister.

She is turning 65 years old next month and it is unknown whether she is experiencing any health issues.

But, for now, her aides continue to report that the influential politician is “well”.

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