Anorexic girl turns her life around after taking up pole dancing


A WOMAN on the brink of death has been saved by pole dancing.

Amber before and after he transformationSWNS

TRANSFORMATION: Amber beat her eating disorder after taking up pole dancing

Amber Harkin was just 14 when she began struggling with body issues.

Her weight plunged and doctors told her parents she was “beyond recovery”.

Amber pole dancingSWNS

INSPIRATIONAL: Amber was 14 when she first developed anorexia

“Pole dancing means everything to me”

Amber Harkin

But she was saved when she saw a Facebook advert for pole dancing lessons.

She is now recovering from anorexia and is pole dancing in shows.

Amber, 26, from Londonderry, said: “Pole dancing means everything to me – I really believe that without it I wouldn’t be alive.

Amber pole dancingSWNS

DREAMS: Amber now wants to become a professional pole dancer

“My body has changed and it’s taught me to challenge myself to keep getting better.”

She added: “My dream is to become a professional pole dancer.”

● If you are worried you may have an eating disorder, email Beat at or call 0845 634 1414.

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