Anthea Turner's Comments About Having Sex In Your 50s Are Utterly Fabulous


We don’t hear much of Anthea Turner these days, but when she does pop up, she normally has something fabulous to say, and her latest comments are no exception.  

The former ‘Blue Peter’ presenter has spoken out about destigmatising attitudes towards older women having sex, admitting she still “loves a shag”. 

David M Benett via Getty Images

The 56-year-old was brilliantly unapologetic as she discussed the topic in a new interview with The Sun. 

Anthea was married to Grant Bovey for 13 years before their split in 2013, and went on to date ‘Dragon’s Den’ tycoon Richard Farleigh for a few months after. 

Last year, she revealed plans to use her difficult divorce from Grant to help others by writing a self-help book. 

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