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A new 25 minute recording obtained by police has disclosed shocking new details about the bomb maker.

The unemployed Conditt made no mention of hate or terrorism in the latest recording but the insight shows a man deeply challenged in his personal life.

During the 25-minute audio, Mr Conditt describes the six bombs that he constructed.

Austin Police Chief Brian Manley stated: “We have at this moment located a recording that the suspect in this incident made.

“It is about a 25 minute recording where he talks about what he has done.

“I would classify this as a confession. This was on a phone that we found in his possession.

“On this recording, the suspect describes the six bombs that he constructed with a level of specificity that he identified the differences among those six bombs.”

Officials declared that the bomber killed himself after detonating an explosive inside his car in the midst of a police confrontation.

Conditt is understood to have already been the prime suspect in the series of package explosions that injected unprecedented fear into the heart of Texas.

Authorities used mobile tracking software to disclose the locations of individuals that were present near the packages around the time they exploded.

Conditt reportedly turned on his mobile device on Tuesday that ultimately exposed him and led to his final confrontation with local authorities.

Other residents of Pflugerville have described the young man as “smart” and “polite” and did not point out anything out of the ordinary from his upbringing.

The Austin bomber was an education dropout, he never graduated from Austin’s Community College.

Conditt did not have military experience either, meaning it is possible that he used the internet to learn how to make the packages that have plagued Austin for weeks.

One of his online profiles describes himself as “not that politically inclined. I view myself as a Conservative but I don’t think I have enough information to defend my stance as well as it should be defended”.

However, those particular posts are years old, finding information on Conditt in recent times is difficult.

Greg Abbot, the governor of Texas, declared that the college dropout had “gone dark” online before the first in a series of bombs went off.

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