Authorities Seize New ‘Treasure Trove’ Of Evidence In Search For Culprits Of Alleged Kevin Hart Extortion


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The controversy and behind-the-scenes legal drama raging around Kevin Hart‘s extortion case rages on this weekend — and the feds now believe they have a “treasure trove” of new data and evidence that will help lead them to the culprits.

As you’ll remember from our reporting over the past week, Hart was the victim of a sex tape leak in which an unknown group of people allegedly attempted to extort seven figures from him to keep cheating allegations out of the press.

Authorities quickly got involved, Montia Sabbag was named as Hart’s female partner in the sex tape in question, and things kept moving along as the extortion was investigated.

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Well, now, authorities have themselves a new batch of evidence to sift through thank to a host of search warrants on multiple people they believe to be involved with the extortion.

The most critical piece of all this evidence will apparently be the massive amount of phone records seized: who called who, and when, will prove to unravel this whole case.

Authorities still want more evidence, though, and they’re looking for cell phones and computer hard drives as their search continues.

As for specific suspects, authorities aren’t yet ready to divulge any more info than this: they are not close to Kevin himself, and this does not appear to be an inside job.

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Apparently most of the suspects know Montia, but Kevin didn’t know any of them.

Now, Montia and her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, are scheduled to meet with investigators in the coming days — she still insists she was never part of the extortion plot. We’ll see about that.

But at least for now, it looks like the circle is tightening around those trying to extort money from Kevin Hart.


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