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At the centre of the contention between the two religious sects is a mosque which dates back to the 16th century.

The Babri Masjid mosque was constructed in 1528 on the orders of emperor Babur, according to inscriptions written up its walls.

Local Hindu lore claims that the religious building was built after a temple at the birth spot of Rama was demolished by Muslim invaders.

In 1717, a Hindu Rajput leader Jai Singh II purchased the land of the mosque and vested it in the deity, leading to Hindus worshipping Rama idols outside the mosque.

Muslims said that they offered prayers at the mosque until December 1949, when some Hindus placed an idol of Ram in the mosque and began to worship the idols.

Now there is incredible security surrounding the area and no gatherings from either religion are permitted to celebrate religious events there.

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