Bail of $30,000 set for UK cyber expert Marcus Hutchins


Marcus Hutchins

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Marcus Hutchins wanted to remain anonymous after the WannaCry outbreak, but his identity was revealed

A judge in the US state of Nevada has recommended the release on $30,000 (£23,000) bail of a UK computer expert.

Prosecutors told the court that Marcus Hutchins had admitted to writing and selling malware code designed to steal banking details.

His lawyer said he denied those and all other charges against him.

Mr Hutchins 23, from Ilfracombe in Devon, came to prominence after he stalled the WannaCry cyber-attack that hit the NHS in May.

The federal judge ordered Mr Hutchins’ release on bail pending his next appearance in Wisconsin on 8 August subject to a lengthy list of conditions including the surrender of his passport and monitoring by GPS.

Mr Hutchins was arrested at Las Vegas airport minutes before he was due to fly home from a week of partying in the desert city

He had been attending a cyber-security conference.

Among his fellow computer experts he is regarded as a hero for his role in stopping the so-called WannaCry virus that hit the NHS before spreading to 150 countries.

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