‘Beast from the East’: Striking footage captures Storm Emma snow cloud approaching London


London’s National Police Air Service shared the image and an incredible video on their social media feeds.
Commuters in the UK have been caught in standstill traffic in the heavy snow.

The capital city is currently battling sub-zero temperatures, as Ireland’s east coast prepares for the arrival of Storm Emma.

Met Éireann is poised to issue a Status Red warning over the Arctic weather front amid concerns it could escalate to pose a threat to life.

Emergency plans are being put in place for widespread schools closures on Thursday and Friday after school transport chiefs were warned heavy snow could lead to all services being suspended.

The move would result in 116,000 children not being able to make it to school and this would have a “domino effect”, forcing schools to close and parents to stay home from work.

It is likely that crèches and other childcare facilities would also close. “If it goes to a ‘Status Red’ situation on Thursday then all school transport will stop,” said a source.

They added that, if this happened, it’d be very likely that most or all of the schools in the country would close.

Dublin Airport is also preparing for heavy snow and likely closures. Government sources told the Irish Independent there was a “strong chance” that all flights out of Dublin would have to be grounded at some point.

“The level of snow predicted is well above what it would normally take to ground flights,” the source said.
The airport will have more than 100 machines dedicated to de-icing and clearing snow.
Meanwhile, Met Éireann’s Evelyn Cusack described the weather event as “very exceptional”.

“It’s not normal,” she added.



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