Behind the scenes at Scully, a London restaurant where diners can be chef for the day


“I love your restaurant”, she said.

“Come and join us”, replied Scully, “we take two people every Tuesday. They help in the kitchen and in return we give them lunch in the restaurant”.

“How much does it cost?” asked Henrietta, fearing the worst. “Nothing. We want to share what we are doing with people who are interested”.

Wow. It seems too good to be true: we get to nose around in a top restaurant kitchen and then fed a four-course lunch with wine, all for free. I jumped at the chance to join Henrietta, starting at a leisurely 10.30am with cups of excellent coffee brought to us by Will, the smiling restaurant manager.

It never ceases to amaze me how great food can be produced from the tiniest of spaces. At Scully, there is a small (but state of the art) kitchen open to view where Scully and a small band of chefs beaver away. Downstairs are storerooms and a space just big enough for three of us to work on food preparation.

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