Biblical bug blizzard shows SWARM of mayflies invade major city | World | News


The Belarusian city of Vitebsk has been invaded by millions of swarming insects over the weekend.

The bugs were filmed swarming towards streetlights and causing major problems for road users.

The short-lived Mayflies pose no hazard and swarm during their mating season.

In the shocking video, millions of bugs fill the skies swirling around light sources.

The invasion of the creatures happens every year, but not to the extent the European city faced this weekend.

In footage circulating social media, residents can be seen waving around in the air to avoid being hit by the hoards of bugs.

The infestation created terrifying driving conditions for those in Vitebsk.

Mayflies hatch in ponds and rivers and start mating.

Social media users joked the invasion of bugs looked like “a scene out of a damn horror movie!”

Another joked the horrible blizzard of bugs looked like “the end of the world”.

One user even commented on the video by citing a passage from the New Testament of the Bible.

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