Big Bang's T.O.P Accused of Being Cocaine User Amid Marijuana Scandal


T.O.P of Big Bang is allegedly involved in another drug scandal. The 29-year-old rapper, who is currently serving in the military service, is now being accused of being a cocaine user after previously being with marijuana use.

A Japanese media outlet reports that an idol named “T” from popular K-pop boyband “B” is using cocaine. A blurred photo of the suspected idol is featured. Although the name of the person and the name of the group aren’t explicitly mentioned, people believe that it is T.O.P, who is also active in Japan.

Fans speculated that YG Entertainment confirmed T.O.P’s marijuana use in order to cover the fact that he’s also a cocaine user. “I was wondering why he got caught for marijuana at all and it was because they’re hiding something worse,” a fan commented on an article on Nate. “Maybe YG [Entertainment]’s using marijuana as a compromise to cover for the cocaine. Disgusting YG thinking money’s all that matters.”

Other fans expressed their disappointment in the “High High” rapper. “Wow this is embarrassing, f**k. Investigate this thoroughly and reveal the truth,” a fan wrote. “I guess this is how Big Bang ends… and I bet has an even worse history of drugs than this, definitely not less,” another added.

Rumor has it, another Big Bang member was also tested for drug use following T.O.P’s investigation. A source from the police department claimed that someone between G-Dragon, Seungri, Daesung and Taeyang were tested for possibly smoking marijuana and other drugs. However, the results turned out to be negative, making T.O.P the only Big Bang member who was charged with illegal drug use.


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