Bodybuilding FIVE year old wins Mercedes car for completing CRAZY fitness challenge | World | News


The impressive push-up tally is said to been achieved in two hours and 25 minutes as the feat was recorded alongside a timer. The strongman leader Ramzan Kadyrov met Kurayev and presented to him a white Mercedes car as a gift. Ramzan Kadyrov said: “Our Chechen Schwarzenegger, as they call him, dedicated his record to the head of the Chechen Republic.

“Let your father drive you around on this, you’re worthy of riding a white Mercedes.”

Upon receiving the present from the Chechen leader, the mini Schwarzenegger insisted he could do more than 5,000 push ups and proceeded to demonstrate his abilities on the hood of the car.

Local sports minister Musa Khanaraikov said there had been an issue with Kurayev’s attempt.

He said: “The representatives of the Russian Book of Records had some minor questions.”

Despite the brilliant achievement Kurayev’s feat may have to be repeated with representatives present to be accepted by the Russian Book of Records.

The state-run news channel, Mash Telegram channel reported that Kurayev had been denied the record because he had been watching cartoons while doing the push-ups.

The current national record is said to belong to a boy from Elisa in the Republic of Kalmykia who completed 4,050 push-ups at the age of five in 2015.

The Russian Book of Records officials will be present next week to witness Kurayev’s second attempt.

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