Boobs, bums and hippy crack: Glastonbury festival revellers party hard on Day 2


GLASTONBURY revellers showed no signs of slowing down on day two of the festival as they inhaled hippy crack for breakfast.


BOILING: Revellers have been getting into the party spirit

Photos taken at sunrise in the Somerset campsite show festival-goers breathing in the gas straight out of balloons.

Nitrous oxide was dubbed ³hippy crack² because of how cheap it is and its popularity at festival-like events.

Music-lovers also wore next-to-nothing as they enjoyed the last of the heatwave ahead of the first performances on the main stages.

Glastonbury GETTY

BREAKFAST: Revellers appeared to inhale hippy crack early this morning


BOILING: Festival-goers stripped off as the Somerset site baked

Glastonbury festivalGETTY

PARTYING: It looked like most people this morning hadn’t gone to bed

Yesterday, temperatures climbed to 35C as Britain sweltered in the hottest June day recorded in 40 years.

Revellers were seen wearing bikinis and skimpy shorts while having massive water fights as they tried to cool off.

Emergency services even issued a warning to campers, telling them to be prepared for excessive heat.

Glastonbury festivalSWNS

WATER FIGHT: Revellers splashed each other from bottles as they cooled off

A spokesman for South West Ambulance said: “If you are heading to the Glastonbury Festival it is really important you take plenty of water with you, wear a hat and put on suncream.

“Long queues are expected at the festival entrance as extra security checks are put in place.”

But there are fears rain could hit the festival tomorrow, with previous years blighted by mass flooding after torrential downpours.

Last year, heavy rain turned the site into a mud bath, with large camping areas left totally unusable.

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