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Boy who had sex with physics teacher boasted about her sexts
Eleanor Wilson can never teach again after a tribunal found her guilty of having sex with her pupil. (Picture: Facebook)

The boy who had sex with his teacher boasted about his conquest and showed friends her explicit texts.

Physics teacher Eleanor Wilson, aged 26, was struck off this week after a tribunal about her relationship with the boy, ten years her junior, which came to climax during a charity trip to Africa.
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A friend told MailOnline the boy had sex with 15 girls before he went to Africa, he said: ‘He enjoyed telling me all about his time in Swaziland as you could go to a store and buy whisky for next to nothing. He said they had sex a lot on the trip to Africa and on the flight back.’

‘He was pleased with himself that he was sleeping with the teacher that everyone fancied, but he is confident and was already quite experienced with girls.

‘She would send him texts and he showed me the messages from her, he would text her and she would reply “Can’t talk now, I’m in a meeting” or “I’m nervous about a presentation for assembly”.’

He added: ‘She would sext him too and he showed me. I knew immediately they were genuine.’

The Bristol school group was staying with the Ndinda community at a Neighbourhood Care Point, which supports orphans, helping to build a kitchen for them.

Boy who had sex with physics teacher boasted about her sexts
The affair came to light when another pupil tried to blackmail her for sex. (Picture: Facebook)

The fling was not, as previously reported, on the school’s trip earlier that month to Geneva, to visit the Large Hadron Collider in CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research.

This week’s two-day tribunal heard Miss Wilson, from Keighley, West Yorkshire, had been drinking miniature bottles of wine while flirting at the back of the plane home before entering the toilet, kissed, engaged in a sex act and had intercourse with the pupil without using any protection.
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Seven months later the relationship came to light, when another pupil tried to blackmail Miss Wilson, threatening to reveal the affair unless she had sex with him.

The threats were reported to the school and police and Miss Wilson was sacked in May 2016.

However, after the tribunal, Miss Wilson’s brother Jethro strongly denied that she had ever had sex with the student claiming she was a victim of being ‘good looking’.

He said: ‘I know they made it up, because she was blackmailed, he made the story up and made it sound good. These teachers work hard all their life and go through years of courses and all it takes is one student to bring them down.

‘There’s no doubt about it – he had a crush on her. They were away on an educational school trip and she didn’t want anything to do with them, so they made stories up about her.’

The National College for Teaching and Leadership disciplinary panel found Pupil A to be a credible, reliable witness and agreed with his version of events.

Miss Wilson was not present but the panel heard she had previously denied the pair kissed or had sex but admitted the pair had met and exchanged text messages but denied that they had drunk any alcohol, even though Pupil A had shown his teachers a receipt for ciders.
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She was found guilty of all but two of the allegations against her.

Polly O’Malley, chairman of the professional conduct panel, said: ‘There was evidence that the teacher’s actions were deliberate and continued for a significant length of time despite her understanding that her behaviour was inappropriate.

‘There was no evidence to suggest that the teacher was acting under duress.’

‘These behaviours include serious dishonesty and serious sexual misconduct. The panel has found that Miss Wilson engaged in sexual activity with Pupil A on one occasion, including oral sex and sexual intercourse.

‘Additionally the panel has found that Miss Wilson encouraged Pupil A to hide their relationship and lied about it herself when an investigation into the allegations was undertaken by the school.’

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