Bradley Cooper Wants Lady GaGa to Be Godmother to His Daughter


is asking to be godmother to his newborn daughter Lea. Cooper has bonded big time with GaGa in recent months as they work on their upcoming movie together, “” remake.

According to a source, GaGa was a “huge support” for Cooper throughout his fiance ‘s pregnancy since he was “stressed and nervous as hell.” The source explains, “Gaga calmed Bradley’s nerves big time and he says he couldn’t have held himself together without her. Their friendship is very real.”

The source tells that Shayk “is secure in her relationship with Cooper and she’s “not the least bit threatened by GaGa.” The source adds, “GaGa’s very down-to-earth when the cameras are off her and she’s excited to be given this honor.”

Irina gave birth to Lea on March 21 in Los Angeles. The couple revealed the name and gender of their newborn baby, roughly two weeks after the daughter of the Victoria’s Secret model was born.


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