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Chuka Umunna said his party could form an alliance with the Liberal Democrats – saying that remain backing politcians need to “work even more closely together” after the European elections in an attenpt to block Brexit. Mr Umunna told BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme on Saturday: “The remain forces in this country need to work even more closely together than we have managed to achieve up to this point between now and the general election.” The former Labour MP  admitted his party had made mistakes in not working with other Remain parties “sooner”.

It follows Mrs May making an emotional statement from Number 10 on Friday morning, announcing she would leave office from June 7.

But she will remain as caretaker Prime Minister while the Conservatives elect a new leader – prompting speculation to fly. 

A NO deal Brexit is now more likelym with Brexiteer Boris Johnson a clear favourite to take office in July.

Mr Umunna revealed plans for Change UK to form a remainer pact with Lib Debs to stop Brexit

Brexit news: Mr Umunna said Change UK will form a remainer pact with Lib Debs to stop Brexit (Image: GETTY)

Boris Johnson quickly announced his plan to launch a leadership bid, and the Brexiteer and former London mayor seems the bookies favourite to succeed Mrs May.

Mr Johnson stressed he would be prepared to back a no-deal departure to ensure the UK leaves the EU on October 31.

Bookies Paddy Power have Mr Johnson as the favourite to take over the party at 10/11.

Brexit Live: Boris is tipped as the bookies favourite to become Mrs May's successor

Brexit Live: Boris is tipped as the bookies favourite to become Mrs May’s successor (Image: GETTY/EPA)

He is closely followed by former Brexit secretary Dominic Raab at 5/1 and Michael Gove coming in at 8/1.

International Development Secretary Rory Stewart also launched a leadership bid – but said he could not serve in a government led by Mr Johnson because of his stance on a possible no-deal exit from the EU.

International Trade Secretary Dr Liam Fox has dismissed claims he may join the race for Tory leadership.


12.45pm update: McDonnell claims moderate Tory MPs would “bring down an extemist” Prime Minister

The Shadow Chancellor claimed moderate MPs would seek to remove a Prime Minister who is aiming for a no-deal Brexit in October.

Mr Mcdonnell, who already said Theresa May’s successor would receive a vote of no-confidence, said said there could be a “majority” in the Commons for a general election if a Brexiteer was to take office.

Mr McDonnell told the BBC: “We will be taking to the other political parties This isn’t a matter of asking people to be disloyal to their beliefs or their party.

“We’re now possibly faced with an extremist leader of the Conservative party coming in, willing to take us over the edge of a no-deal.

“Faced with that situation, I think there may well be a majority in the House of Commons to bring about some form of public vote – and that could include a general election.

“We can’t stand by and let an extremist Conservative leader take their country down with them.”

Boris Johnson, the Tory frontrunner for leadership has already ruled out an Article 50 extension, saying he would be prepared to leave the EU without a deal.

Brexit news: John McDonnell believes a cross party alliance would 'take down' a Brexiteer PM

Brexit news: John McDonnell believes a cross party alliance would ‘take down’ a Brexiteer PM (Image: GETTY)

12.00pm update: Farage slams Theresa May “as the worst Prime Minister”

Writing in The Daily Telegraph, Mr Farage said: “Other than having the wrong personality for the job, Mrs May’s principal problem was that she never believed in Brexit”

Continuing, the Brexit Party leader said No deal was the best option for moving forward.

Mr Farage said: “The new leader need to unequivocal from their first dat in the job stating that Britain will leave the EU on October 31 come what may.

“If they want to even begin to make their party a credible outfit again, and if they ave any serious desire to win backache trust which has been squandered, putting a no deal Brexit back on the table is the only way to do it.

“In my opinion, Theresa May has been the worst Prime Minister in Britain’s history.

“She completely misjudged the mood of the country.

“Her successor will fare no better unless they vow to take the UK out of the EU by 31 October.”

Brexit Live: Mr Farage called Theresa May

Brexit Live: Mr Farage called Theresa May “the worst UK Prime Minister” (Image: GETTY)

11.45am update: Cameron says May’s resignation is “the right decision”

The former Prime Minister and Tory leader said he felt “sorry” for Theresa May – but insisted it was the “right decision” for her to step down from office.

While praising Mrs May’s sense of duty, the former leader, who triggered the EU referendum in 2016, Mr Cameron also alluded to his own departure three years ago to allow “fresh leadership”.

Speaking In Oxford, Mr Cameron said: “It is extremely painful and difficult to step outside Downing Street and say those things.

“When you come to know your time is up, it’s extremely hard to take.

“I feel desperately sorry for Theresa and Phillip, She worked incredibly hard , she’s a dedicated public servant.

“She has made the right decision – and I hope the spirit of compromise is continued.”

Mr Cameron refused to comment on whether Boris Johnson would make a good Prime Minister -insisting tat he would not give a “running commentary”.

David Cameron visits China

Brexit live: the former Prime Minister said he emphasised with Mrs May, but said she was right to go (Image: GETTY)

11.30am update: Nicola Sturgeon vows Brexit “will not damage” Scotland’s relationship with Ireland

Nicola Sturgeon will discuss business and cultural links between Ireland and Scotland on a visit to Dublin to promote trade.

Scotland’s First Minister will meet Taoiseach Leo Varadkar during the visit on Monday and host a round-table meeting with investors at Irish Employers and Business Confederation (IBEC).

The First Minister is exoected to say: “Scotland is an outward-looking, welcoming, European nation that greatly values the friendship and progressive values it shares with Ireland, and we are determined that relationship will go from strength to strength.

“The relationship with Ireland is of vital importance to Scotland. As our fifth largest export market, business and cultural links between Scotland and Ireland are very important.

“Whatever happens with Brexit, we will not allow it to damage our relationship with our closest partner and we will continue to encourage trade, inward investment and international cultural collaboration.”

MS Sturgeon vowed to not let Brexit

MS Sturgeon vowed to not let Brexit “damage” Scotland’s relationship with Ireland (Image: GETTY)

11.15am: Czech Prime Minister hopes Britain will hold second referendum

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis says he hopes Britain will hold another referendum on leaving the European Union.

It follows Prime Minister Theresa May announcing her resignation on Friday – casting the future of Brexit into further uncertainty as the Tory party looks to elect a new leader.

Mr Babis said: “I still hope that the [British] people finally understand that the misinformation that that they received [about Brexit] is not true and Britain will stay in the European Union.”

He continued by saying the UK remaining in the bloc would be “the best for all.”

He has called Britain one of the best allies of his country in the bloc because “it’s a big state that counterbalances the dominance of Germany and France.”

11.00am update: Rudd ‘concerned’ over potential leader’s ‘enthusiasm’ for no-deal

Work and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd, who claimed she is not running for the top job, told the BBC: “I would be very concerned about somebody who is too enthusiastic about no deal.

“It is very important that whoever takes this on looks for a solution and tries to work to find where the majority of the House (of Commons) is.”

More than a dozen Tory MPs are understood to be considering a bid, with Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt indicating he will be in the race.

Former work and pensions secretary Esther McVey also put herself forward “as a future leader”.

Brexit live: Amber Rudd expressed concerns over a potential Brexiteer as leader

Brexit live: Amber Rudd expressed concerns over a potential Brexiteer as leader (Image: GETTY)

10.45am update: Rory Stewart says “he could not serve” under Boris Johnson

Mr Stewart told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme a no-deal exit would be “damaging and dishonest”.

He said: “I could not serve in a government whose policy was to push this country into a no-deal Brexit.

“I could not serve with Boris Johnson.

“I spoke to Boris, I suppose, about two weeks ago about this and I thought at the time he had assured me that he wouldn’t push for a no-deal Brexit.

“So, we had a conversation about 20, 25 minutes and I left the room reassured by him that he wouldn’t do this.

“But it now seems that he is coming out for a no-deal Brexit.”

Brexit live: Leadership candidate Rory Stewart said he

Brexit live: Leadership candidate Rory Stewart said he “could not serve” under Boris Johnson (Image: GETTY)

10.30am update: Marine Le Pen says May forced to quit ‘because she tried to bypass the will of the British people’

The leader of the anti-migrant, populist National Rally party said the Prime Minister was forced to quit “because she tried to bypass” the result of the 2016 EU referendum.

She said that French politicians and media must not “teach morality lessons” to the British people who decided to leave the EU.

Polls suggest that Le Pen’s party will be among France’s top two vote-getters in the European parliament elections that are being held in the bloc until Sunday.




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