Brexit news: Conservative Party to hemorrhage seats as Brexiteers punish Theresa May, poll | Politics | News


New analysis from ComRes shows voters could shift their allegiances to Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the SNP in the backlash. Tory MPs told the Telegraph the future of their party is “diabolical” and that voters had described the Westminster elite as “w*****s’. Local election officers have allegedly received calls asking what the point of voting is after Brexit was delayed again.

If a vote was held tomorrow, the poll suggests Labour would win 290 seats versus the Conservative’s 277.

Jeremy Corbyn would have to reach out to the SNP to prop up a minority Government.

Prominent Brexiteers including former Tory Leader Iain Duncan Smith and outspoken European Research Group member Andrea Jenkyns could face losing their seats.

Others in the firing line include Northern Ireland Secretary Theresa Villiers and Eurosceptic Zac Goldsmith, who has just a 15 percent chance of holding his seat.

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Meanwhile, voters are threatening to boycott the local and European elections over the UK’s delayed departure from the EU.

A Conservative grassroots backlash against Theresa May has pushed Labour up 28 seats and the Liberal Democrats up three, according to the regression analysis, which calculates the seat where incumbents have less than 50 percent chance of hanging onto their seat.

ComRes found that 24 percent of 2017 Tory voters intend to vote for the Brexit Party at the next General Election.

Meanwhile, 35 percent intend on voting for Nigel Farage’s fledgling party in the upcoming European Elections.

Chairman of ComRes Andrew Hawkins said: “The dilemma for Brexit-supporting Conservative voters is that by abandoning the Rory Party they risk enhancing the electoral prospects of left-wing and Remain candidates.”

Founder of another polling organisation Electoral Calculus said: “The two big parties have never been in such jeopardy.”

ConRes identified 48 Conservative constituencies at risk, as well as 32 Labour constituencies, six LibDem and 10 SNP.

Fifteen of the 21 most vulnerable seats voted Leave.

These data come after Electoral Calculus identified seven voting “tribes” ranging from hard-left Marxists to pro-Trump nationalists.



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