Burna Boy expresses his ‘major’ dislike for men of God


Singer Burna Boy has recently expressed his views on the rise of fake prophets of ‘God’ in a tweet-series

The singer seems to be fed up with news about the drama so-called ‘men of God’ are putting up

Burna Boy is definetely not cut out for pastors and preachers and has taken to twitter to express it. According to him, he might soon knock one of them out and God will be happy. He said, “The way I genuinely dislike Pastors, preachers e.t.c. I might have to knock 1 of dem d Fuck out 1 of these days. I know God will be happy.”

Burna Boy, Twitter
Burna Boy, Twitter








He continued; “Go and find truth for yourselves. Research, ask questions, Free yourself.”

Just today, a pastor was seen breaking a pot:

And maybe this is why Burna Boy seems to dislike Pastors so much. Oga o.

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Image Credits: Burna Boy Nataal, Burna Boy, Twitter

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