Chris Hughes Stands By Tweeting Katie Price’s Private Messages, As He’s Grilled About Row On ‘Loose Women’


Chris Hughes faced a grilling from the ‘Loose Women’ on Friday (29 September), amid his on-going row with Katie Price. 

The panellists were keen to hear his point of view, after he became embroiled in a public spat with their co-star, over “flirty” messages she sent him.  

The pair went to war on Twitter when Katie denied his claims she’d sent him a number of texts, only for him to then prove their existence by publishing them online. 

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Chris Hughes on ‘Loose Women’
Appearing on the ITV daytime show alongside his fellow ‘Love Island’ star Kem Cetinay, Chris stood by his decision to make the messages Katie had sent him public. 

He told panellists Kaye Adams, Stacey Solomon, Anne Diamond and Andrea McLean: “In my opinion, that is flirty. I’ve got a girlfriend, and like she said in her tweets, she’s met me once. She doesn’t actually know me. 

“For someone to message me at half three in the morning, and to message someone repetitively who’s not responding, to me that’s flirting when I’ve got a girlfriend. That’s my opinion on it and that’s the way I see it. Other people don’t see it as flirting – I personally do.

“Therefore, when she said she hadn’t sent them, that’s basically accusing me of lying. 

“When someone accuses me of something I haven’t done or being a liar, then I will back myself and defend myself. Possibly in the heat of the moment, it might not have been the right thing to do, but I don’t regret what I did.”

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Katie Price has been sending flirty messages to Chris Hughes
Kaye then revealed Katie had messaged her telling her to ask Chris why he’d published the messages.  

“I think maybe she’s a bit hurt that you did make it public,” she said. 

He then went on to explain: “The thing is, when it came out about the flirty messages, I don’t know how that got out because it wasn’t me.

“I was just asked were they flirty. I was just like, yeah because to me they were. Then it came out in the press, then it was her then. It could have just died down. Then she said it [sending the messages] never happened… but to me, it did.”

Pressed on whether he responded to any of Katie’s messages, Chris insisted: “No, nothing. Personally, I wouldn’t have done what I did if I had responded, because it would have looked a bit muggy.”

Chris’s latest comments came after Katie appeared to issue a thinly-veiled warning to him during her latest ‘An Audience With’ show in Liverpool.

She told the crowd: “Some celebrities should be careful with what they say and not ‘out’ people.

“It will come back and bite them on the bum. Do you know what I mean?”

However, when approached to clarify Katie comments, her spokesperson cryptically told HuffPost UK: “Nobody said she was referring to Chris Hughes.”

‘Loose Women’ airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV. 

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