All this represents a real threat that can lead to the definitive loss of identity. A brand that works to protect itself is a brand that is attentive to its values ​​and has every intention of optimizing its position on the market.

All brands, some more or less, whose online presence exposes them to numerous risks, need an effective strategy to protect their digital brand. Protecting one’s digital image such as domain names or digital channels and social media platforms is currently essential for the success of a company in the digital world, especially for those who rely on a relationship of trust with customers brand protection company.

As owners of your own brand, brand protection activity can be implemented through a series of methodologies to prevent risks and threats regarding your online identity, as well as having the right to legal action.

The first step is to register the trademark , which takes a long time but which represents a form of protection in the event of any conflicts, as it allows you to enjoy exclusive rights, preventing third parties from unauthorized use.

Among the actions that are part of brand protection , the creation of verified company accounts and effective management of the community dedicated to the brand is also important. In fact, it is possible to earn the badge and obtain certification as owners of the original brand, thanks to the active presence on social media, which fosters trust on the part of users and sometimes drives away the bad guys.

Furthermore, companies always refer to a style guide for communication, in order not to create misalignments with tone and style of voice between the different platforms and communication channels, while maintaining a certain coherence and uniformity.


we have an internal team of industry experts able to listen to the different needs of brands and companies mainly dictated by the market and to guide them in online brand protection activities . Ensuring full flexibility and adapting each strategy to different contexts is one of our priorities. A brand always needs to be adequately protected and guarantees immediate actions with the aim of protecting the brand and its image, after building a strong online presence of the brand.

protect yourself from fake news, unfair competitors and defamation

remove and / or clean up an unfair defamatory situation from the web

make yourself known in the right way and convey reliability

enhance and protect one’s reputation and perception

defend yourself from offenses, hater and identity theft

always know what users think about him

knowing how to exploit the web and technologies to your advantage

stimulate brand conversations through influencers and media.