Disgraced footie nonce Adam Johnson demands transfer as lags plan to cut his throat


PAEDO Adam Johnson has pleaded to prison bosses for a transfer after discovering fellow lags are planning to shank him with a homemade knife.

Johnson claims that another inmate tipped him off about a plot slash his throat.

As a result, he is now considering putting in a formal request to be moved from Moorland Prison, where he is something of a celebrity.

The disgraced former England player is said to be running a con footie team, named after himself, and was caught on video bragging about his exploits in having sexual contact with a 15-year-old girl.

Adam Johnson outside of courtGETTY

LIVING IN FEAR: Johnson is looking over his shoulder as lags plot to stab him

“He has been talking about putting in a transfer request”

Prison Source

But after that video surfaced, where Johnson said he wished that he had sex with the girl, he was moved to solitary confinement for his own safety.

An inside source told The Sun: “He is in bits. The other lag was doing him a favour tipping him off but it has left Johnson beside himself with worry.”

The lag did not elaborate on when the attack would take place, leaving Johnson constantly looking over his shoulder.

The source added: ““He has told family and friends he is terrified for his own safety and wants to move somewhere else.

“They are really concerned about him as well.

“He is desperate for a move from Moorland and has been talking about putting in a transfer request.”

Adam JohnsonGETTY

DEADLINE DAY: Johnson is hoping to get the move finished soon

He is currently serving a six year sentence for sexual activity with a child.

The Court of Appeal rejected his most recent challenge against his conviction in March.

And the prisoner was forced to spend his 30th birthday behind bars.

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