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Disney Plus

We’ve long known that Disney is gearing up to launch its own streaming service, with cultural behemoths like Star Wars, Marvel, and the entire catalogue of Disney and Pixar classics at its disposal to hoover up your cash. And while bits and pieces of Disney+ news have emerged over the last year or so, the Mouse House has now fully unveiled the service – including the launch date, pricing, and more information about its shiny exclusive content.

Let’s start with the basics – it’s launching in the US on 12 November, so we’ve got around seven months to wait. However, a UK launch date hasn’t been confirmed – here’s hoping it won’t be too delayed arriving on our shores. In America it will cost $6.99 per month, a reasonable price when you see everything you’ll find on there. Speaking of which…

Star Wars

Star Wars logo

As well as Episodes I – VII, plus Rogue One (it sounds like The Last Jedi and Solo aren’t coming at launch), Disney+ will host The Mandalorian, the first ever live-action Star Wars series, overseen by Jon Favreau and featuring the likes of Taika Waititi, Dave Filoni, and Bryce Dallas Howard directing episodes. We knew all of that already, and now in addition we know that it’s a ‘day one’ show for Disney+, which means it begins on 12 November. We also have our first look at the series’ logo, which interestingly doesn’t feature the main Star Wars iconography.

Disney Plus

Elsewhere, we learned that the Cassian Andor series, with Diego Luna reprising his morally-complex Rogue One hero, will also see Alan Tudyk return as sarcastic android K-2SO. The return of animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars will also be coming to Disney+.


Marvel logo

Word has slowly been trickling out about Disney’s plans for small-screen series starring major character in the Marvel universe – and we learned a little more about a few of those. The one starring the Falcon and the Winter Soldier will be called, appropriately, The Falcon And The Winter Soldier – a lengthy, slightly clunky title, but with a Ronseal clarity to it. Here’s the title treatment for the show.

Disney Plus

The series following Scarlet Witch, aka Wanda Maximoff, and her sort-of-android-kinda-mind-stone-guy partner The Vision has a title seemingly inspired by an ‘80s/‘90s CBBC classic – it’s called WandaVision. If you’re picturing Paul and Barry Chuckle right now, you’re not the only one. News is slim on the Loki series, except for the fact it’ll be called Loki.

Finally, there’s animated show Marvel’s What If…?, which will twist moments from the MCU and imagine how they’d play out differently – with the first episode reportedly following a world where Peggy Carter received the super serum instead of Steve Rogers.


Disney studios logo

As well as every Pixar film and short, a host of Disney animated classics and more, the mainline Disney content will include the live-action Lady And The Tramp as a streaming exclusive. Here’s your first look at the title duo, voiced by Tessa Thompson and Justin Theroux.

Disney Plus

There’s also an original Christmas movie titled Noelle, starring Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader, a dogs-in-the-Alaskan-wilderness movie starring Willem Dafoe, titled Togo, plus Timmy Failure from Spotlight director Tom McCarthy, and Phineas And Ferb movie.

Disney Plus

Oh, and a show titled High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. Yes, that’s the real title.

The Simpsons

Big news after the completion of the Fox deal – Disney+ will have 30 seasons of The Simpsons. Every classic episode, some more not-so-classic-but-still-watchable episodes, all in one place. Here’s a video welcoming the family to the Disney fold.

Jeff Goldblum

Disney Plus

Yes, we’re giving Jeff Goldblum his own section. That’s because Disney, via National Geographic, is giving the big screen icon his own show titled The World According To Jeff Goldblum. Don’t pretend you’ve ever wanting to watch anything more than a show which frames life through the lens of Hollywood’s idiosyncratic idol.

The rest

Also confirmed, the service will include all of Malcolm In The Middle, vertigo-inducing documentary Free Solo, behind-the-scenes documentary series Into The Unknown: Making Frozen 2, and MCU box office smash Captain Marvel will be streaming from day one. Exciting stuff.



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