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While the US President was attending the G20 Summit in Osaka in Japan an AI version of himself addressed the audience at the conference. During a panel event featuring Facebook’s Head of Global Affairs Nick Clegg, a “Skype call” from Trump, which turned out to be fake, was played to the audience. In the video the President said: “No one loves democracy as much as I do – that’s why God elected me.”

During the “live” interview via “Skype” the AI Trump was also asked about how discussions at the G20 Summit were going.

The caller said: “We’re here to discuss the economy and it’s going very well. I think America’s economy is the strongest it’s ever been.

“My policies have taken America from the worst to the best.”

One Twitter user said the video revealed the dangers of AI and how it can impact on elections and politics.

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News of the interview quickly spread across social media with many users commenting on the repercussions of deepfake videos.

One user said: “Just watched Jeanne Meserve’s live deep fake video call with “President Trump” at @AoDemocracies’ Democray & Tech panel.

“Captivating (and scary) demonstration of how deep fakes are evolving!”

Deepfake videos work by combining and transposing existing images and videos onto source images using AI.

However, politicians and the public continue to be fooled by deepfake videos which can be misleading.

Last month, Trump shared a slowed down video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi which showed her drunkenly slurring her words.

The video was declared a fake but had already been shared and viewed by millions across a host of social media platforms.

Last year, Buzzfeed created a deepfake video of former US President Barack Obama giving a public address complaining about Donald Trump.

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