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Around 250 armed US Secret Service agents will fly in with the Republican firebrand on July 12.

The CIA desperately want to set up their own control centre following fears of mass protests.

But Scotland Yard bosses are adamant they are in charge during the visit.

A Facebook event titled “Protest Trump’s visit” currently has over 55,000 planned attendees with a further 154,000 listed as “interested” in the event which will take place in London.

The scale of the protest could result in nearly 10,000 officers working overtime, costing the taxpayer up to £5million.

An insider told The Sun: “Trump’s team carry their own telecommunications system.

“They are very top secret.

“But the Met Police say they’ll run the show and his agents can use their security control centre.

“When George W Bush was President and came to London, US agents actually burst into the control room and just started setting up their own phone lines.

“Nothing has been resolved.

“They will just do the same thing again.”

Safety for a foreign leader’s visit is usually the responsibility of the host nation.

But US agents are extremely worried at the thought of over 200,000 demonstrators.

Hundreds of riot vans are expected to take to the streets to prevent planned rallies and marches against Donald Trump turning violent – particularly when they clash with supporters of the US President.

A total of 40 police cars and motorbike outriders are thought to have been demanded whenever the US President travels by road, to shield him for assassination attempts.

Police forces will travel both in front and behind Trump’s car, blocking all intersections along the route.

Chief constables have cancelled their rest days and told officers to prepare to be hundreds of miles away from home to help out in areas the billionaire is due to visit.

Operation Manifold, as it has been labelled, has caused fears it will leave the rest of the country without adequate security in the midst of a violent crime wave, which has seen at least 51 people fatally stabbed in London alone since the beginning of 2018.

Kevin Hurley, a former public order chief in the City of London Police, said: “It will be a significant drain on visible policing – it’s going to strip out resources from surrounding forces and it will be the youngest and fittest who are drawn off.

“Whenever the US president visits there is a huge security requirement just because of the threat from terrorism, but because of his current profile it’s likely to increase opposition and there will be a significant requirement to maintain public order.”

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