Electrician messaged by teen who used his lost passport for nearly two years


Sam Cole has been using Joe Hunter’s ID for more than a year (Picture: Mercury Press & Media)

An electrician who lost his passport two years was amazed to find it had been used by a teenager to get into clubs, pubs and brothels underage.

Joe Hunter, 21, received a message from Sam Cole, 18, on Instagram, stating that the missing ID had found its way into his hands just over a year ago.

Sam said the passport had been used by about six different people and thanked him for all the things it had allowed him to do, adding: ‘I am truly grateful’.

Fortunately Joe, an electrician, saw the funny side, describing the teen as a ‘good lad’ and even arranged to meet up for a drink.

He said: ‘I was in hysterics when I realised he was serious. I thought “what a guy”. I definitely found it funny, because it’s something I’d do.

The 18-year-old reached out to Joe on social media (Picture: Mercury Press & Media)
He told the electrician he was ‘truly grateful’ (Picture: Mercury Press & Media)

‘I scrolled down on his Instagram and every single post he had a drink in his hand or he was at some event or on a night out. I’m glad it’s served him well.

‘He said it’s been passed around so much. It’s been used in brothels and all sorts of places, so fair play to them.’

Sam, of Halifax, West Yorks, told Joe that having turned 18 he no longer needed the ID, and would be happy to give it back or ‘pass it on to the next Joe Hunter in line’.

He then sent a photograph of the now tatty-looking passport as proof of his story.

Joe, of Baildon, West Yorks, had lost the passport just weeks before going on holiday in Lanzarote, forcing him to pay for an emergency replacement.

Joe had to get an emergency replacement for his holiday (Picture: MERCURY PRESS & MEDIA)

It came into Sam’s possession after he swapped it for an Xbox game with a friend.

Joe told the teenager that he was relieved his passport hadn’t been used for anything more untoward.

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He said: ‘I like the fact that he’s got back in touch with me and revealed where it’s been all this time, I think it’s hilarious just to think that it’s been used by all these different people to have a good time.’

It is a criminal offence to use false of borrowed ID to get into a licensed premises or buy alcohol.

Those caught doing so can be fined up to £5,000 or even face 10 years imprisonment.



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