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Speaking to Politico, the European Commission president made the revelation as he addressed his relationship with Donald Trump and the “nasty comments” he receives on Twitter from the European side. Jean-Claude Juncker, whose presidential term will end in October, said he does not like reading “day after day” that he is “drunk and corrupt” on social media, so tasks his team to forward to him on the “interesting pieces” about him they find online.

He said: “The President of the US is the President of the US. He deserves respect because he is the President of the US.

“And we should not accompany his doings by nasty comments coming from the European side.

“Although he is a specialist of tweets.

“I’m not reading these tweets because I am not following the social network because I don’t like to see day after day that I am drunk, that I am corrupt, that I’m a nobody.

“So my collaborators are giving me the interesting pieces so I’m not too much put out by this.

“I have a good relationship with Donald Trump.”

In the interview, the top eurocrat also paid tribute to Winston Churchill claiming without him the European Union would not exist today.

He said: “I have the highest respect for Britain.

“The EU, the European continent owes a lot to Britain. Without Winston Churchill and all those on the ground, we would not be sitting here as we are.

“I have the greatest admiration for this great British nation.”

However, his admiration for British history will not allow the incoming UK Prime Minister to renegotiate the Brexit deal agreed between Brussels and Theresa May. 

He said: “We’ve concluded with Theresa May the withdrawal agreement.

“This isn’t a treaty between May and Juncker, this is a treaty between the UK and the EU.

“It has to be respected by whomsoever will be the next British prime minister.”

He added: “There will be no renegotiations as far as the content of the withdrawal agreement is concerned.

“We can have some clarifications, precisions, additions to the political declaration.”

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