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The Italian politician insisted the hard strategy the European Union took up against Italy during budget discussions had Italians “open their eyes” at the true nature of the bloc. Former deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini engaged in a battle of wills with Brussels last year after Eurocrats demanded Rome agree to decrease spending expectations to meet EU limits. But speaking to Senator Borghi suggested the move was perceived as a form of “doghouse system” among Italians. 

“I’m sorry but I don’t think we’ve survived several millennia to end up like this.”

Eurosceptic party Lega secured a majority at the Italian elections in 2017 but had to form a coalition with runner-up Movimento 5 Stelle (M5S) as Mr Salvini failed to pass the threshold to form a government by himself.

The Lega-M5S Government took a hard stance against Brussels’ demands on GDP spending, with the European Commission threatening to take action against Rome had EU spending limits not been respected.

Mr Salvini was forced to leave government after he attempted to bring down Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and was rebuked as M5S leader Luigi di Maio formed a new alliance with the Democratic Party (PD) led by Nicola Zingaretti in August. 

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At the European election in May, eurosceptic Lega won 28 of the 72 seats assigned to Italy – an increase of 22 compared to the 2014 elections.

Despite securing a crucial seat at the European Commission through the selection of former Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni as the new Commissioner for Economy, Italian MEPs have already voiced doubt new Commission boss Ursula von der Leyen will make.

Lega MEP Marco Campomenosi hit out against the “anti-democratic” new governing body, explaining how it might cause serious problems across Europe and greatly benefit France.

Mr Campomenosi said: If the European Commission, as Ursula von der Leyen, unfortunately, seems to predict, will continue to do what Juncker and Barroso have done in the past, I think we will soon have a very serious problem.

“Both in economic and social fields.

“If we think of Emmanuel Macron…He sees his citizens coming down on the streets protesting every week against him.

“But then we are witnessing the power he has today in the European Union with his new Commissioner for Internal market, who will deal with defence as well.

“It is a project that will greatly benefit French companies.”

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