European election results 2019 LIVE: Brexit Party and Liberal Democrats the big winners on disastrous night for the Tories


Given these are European elections, we shouldn’t be too UK-centric. Here’s a round-up of some of the other key results


Italy’s anti-migrant, anti-Islam interior minister, Matteo Salvini, boosted his right-wing League party to become the number one party in Italy, with more than 30 per cent of the vote, according to early projections.

He told supporters at party headquarters in Milan early on Monday that the results showed that “a new Europe is born”.

Mr Salvini used his hard-line credentials to expand a parliamentary group of European populists that already included far-right politicians in France, Germany and Austria.

He promised to restore sovereignty over key issues like immigration to national capitals, thwarting the EU’s drive toward closer integration of its members.


Anti-immigration, far-right flag bearer Marine Le Pen looked set for victory over pro-EU centrist president Emmanuel Macron in their epic battle over Europe’s direction.

That was bad news not just for Mr Macron – but also for the French leader’s grand ambitions for a more united Europe.

It was sweet revenge for Ms Le Pen, who was runner-up to Mr Macron in France’s 2017 presidential race.

And it was a boost for her efforts to spread her anti-EU message beyond France’s borders.


Germany’s governing parties were headed for their worst results in a nationwide election since the Second World War, with the environmentalist Greens emerging as the big winner.

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s centre-right Union bloc was easily the biggest party, exit polls indicated, but with support of less than 30 per cent.

The picture looked disastrous for their centre-left partners in an often-fractious “grand coalition,” the Social Democrats, who were set to score well under 20 per cent.

It remains to be seen what effect those results will have on the governing coalition, which took office in March last year after months of wrangling and has since been marred by infighting; and on the future of their leaders.


The party of Hungary’s anti-migrant firebrand prime minister Viktor Orban won 13 of the country’s 21 seats in the European Parliament, according to official results.

Mr Orban told supporters on Sunday night that the outcome showed that “people in Hungary believe change is needed in Brussels”.

The leader, who has made anti-immigration policies the main focus of his government since early 2015 even though hardly any migrants pass through Hungary anymore, said that his Fidesz party “will cooperate with everyone who wants to stop immigration”.

He did not however directly address the possibility of joining up in the EU parliament with like-minded leaders such as Italy’s Mr Salvini.


Provisional results pointed to a big win for Chancellor Sebastian Kurz’s centre-right party, days after a scandal involving the far-right Freedom Party brought down his governing coalition.

That was a big boost for Mr Kurz before a national election expected in September. The early results showed the Freedom Party finishing far behind in third place.

A big win would make Mr Kurz’s People’s Party firm favourite to retain power in September.

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