Farrah Abraham Responds to Mom-Shamers After Posting Video of Her Daughter in Bra and Underwear


Farrah Abraham Responds to Mom-Shamers After Posting Video of Her Daughter in Bra and Underwear

Fans take to social media to call the former ‘Teen Mom’ star ‘trash’ and ‘disgusting,’ as one of the critics urges people to report the video.

Fans are enraged by Farrah Abraham‘s recent Snapchat video. The former “Teen Mom” star took to the site to upload a video of her daughter in a skimpy outfit, which made most people raise their eyebrows regarding her parenting style.

In the video, Sophie (9) and the TV personality were seen to be in a dressing room at Nordstrom in NYC. In addition to sporting full-on makeup, the kid was featured donning a Calvin Klein bra and underwear set as her mother filmed her.

Farrah, however, didn’t think what she did was wrong. She could be heard saying in the video that it was not inappropriate since it was filmed in a public area where kids look in the mirror after trying on clothes in the fitting room.

Fans quickly slammed the 27-year-old star with one of them writing, “This needs to be reported to CP. She’s gone too far this time.” Another concerned fan echoed, “How the hell could you post a pic of that child in her underwear? Out of all the vile crap you have done, this is by far the absolute worst!” The fan continued raging, “She’s a child! You’re her mother! Protect her!”

One critic didn’t hold back and called Farrah “trash.” S/he added, “How dare you put something like this on social media of [your] child!” Meanwhile, another fan claimed that she had done taking action over the video. “I reported it, everyone should do the same. This poor child is being exploited just so Farrah Abraham can remain in the news — she’s disgusting.”

Another comment read, “Farrah you’re abusive. Stop marketing your daughter to child predators.”

However, Farrah is not backing down despite the backlash. Telling TMZ, the reality TV star said, “I know my daughter and I are living our best lives wearing Calvin Kleins.”

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