Gangster kicks man in head then sucker punches him in brutal bare knuckle fight


Footage shows notorious Scottish gangster – and convicted fraudster – Robert Kelbie, 33, standing topless on a street next to a line of parked caravans.

A man in a blue T-shirt then strides in as an onlooker says: “Come on then. Fair play boys.

“Bit of a fight. Shake hands afterwards.”

The man in blue continues to walk towards Kelbie before the Scot punches him hard in the face twice.

Kelbie then dodges two counter strikes and right hooks his opponent in the face, sending him crashing to the ground.

But instead of waiting for him to get up, the gangster swings his leg back and punts him in the face.

A man in a hi-vis jacket then runs in to break up to stop Kelbie and let his opponent back up.

But as he stands and readies himself to continue, the gangster runs in and punches him in the back of the head.

The man filming recoils in shock at the thud of the strike before the man in blue falls to the concrete.

Another bloke then shouts: “That’s it. He’s out!”

The video has allegedly angered the travelling community with viewers accusing Kelbie of unfair conduct during the bout for kicking his opponent while down and punching him with his back turned.

“You cannot kick or use any other part of your body except except your fists and you cannot hit anyone on the ground”

Bare knuckle fight expert

“Fair play is a source of pride,” a source involved in bare knuckle boxing told the Daily Record.

“These fights go on for as long as it takes until one man gives up. Then you shake hands at the end.

“Under rules going back hundreds of years, you cannot kick or use any other part of your body except except your fists and you cannot hit anyone on the ground.

“Kelbie blatantly kicked the man when he was down. He also punched him when he wasn’t looking.”

The bare knuckle fist fight – still popular for settling arguments between travellers – is believed to have taken place last week.

Kelbie and his brother Peter were cleared of attempting to murder his cousin Kevin McAllister last year.

McAllister was beaten with baseball bats and told the Edinburgh High Court: “It was some dirty rat what done it. It wasn’t my cousins.

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