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The IAF has reportedly launched six raids on separate sites in the Gaza Strip, according to local reports.

The IDF confirmed the strikes on Twitter, saying: “A short while ago, IAF fighter jets struck Hamas terror targets in northern Gaza.

“Four of the targets were buildings & terror infrastructure in a military compound, & 3 more were in a weapons production facility.

“The strikes were conducted in response to the heavy machine gun fire that targeted the city of Sderot, southern Israel, & numerous shooting attacks throughout the day.

“Hamas is solely responsible for the events transpiring in & out of Gaza, & is accountable for all terrorist activity emanating from Gaza targeting Israeli civilians & Israeli sovereignty.

“The IDF is prepared to continue fulfilling its mission to ensure Israeli civilians’ security and sense of security.”

Video footage of what is thought to be the strikes shows the night sky light up and the sound of a powerful explosion.

There are also reports of drones circling the area.

One persons is said to be injured, but this is unconfirmed.

A Middle East reporter for The Times said: “Two explosions in Gaza – shook my hotel room in Gaza City. Sounded like airstrikes but I’m not sure. Unclear what the target was.”

Washington Post correspondent Erin Cunningham said: “Two large explosions in Gaza right now. They followed a series of four other explosions that started around 12.45am – apparent air strikes.”

The news comes after violence in Gaza when 59 Palestinians were killed by Israeli gunfire and 770 wounded.

Palestinians were protesting the decision by Donald Trump to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Demonstrators, some armed with slingshots, hurled stones at the Israeli security forces, who fired volleys of tear gas and intense rounds of gunfire.

One protestor said: “Today is the big day when we will cross the fence and tell Israel and the world we will not accept being occupied forever.

“Many may get martyred today, so many, but the world will hear our message. Occupation must end.”

Mr Trump was also condemned in Washington, where dozens of protesters blocked Pennsylvania Avenue, which links the White House and the Capitol building, for about two hours in front of the Trump International Hotel.

More to follow…

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